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Synonyms for crisis

Synonyms for crisis

a highly volatile dangerous situation requiring immediate remedial action

Words related to crisis

an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty

a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something

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O aumento da ocorrencia das crises de marca (Cleeren et al.
The panel discussion will cover a number of themes, such as the concepts and general characteristics of economic crises and the plans and programs to be implemented to address them.
This drill is part of the plans of RTA's Emergency & Crises Management Team and complements the ongoing cooperation with other government and semi-government bodies towards the implementation of unified traffic safety standards," added the CEO of DTC and Head of Emergency & Crises Management Team in the RTA.
In the light of the current financial crisis, it is important to provide empirical evidence based on previous experiences of banking crises also.
This is unfortunate because the chapters by Basri and Tsunekawa, by showing the unresilient nature of Indonesia and unreformed nature of Japan's political economy, indirectly challenge the argument that East Asian states fared much better and are better prepared for future financial crises than their U.
Against this backdrop, humans are faced with a series of neverending crises and disasters, resulting in people suffering from a constant state of depression and frustration.
The third day will focus on the position of mass media in dealing with media crises and the stance of establishments in media crises management.
In his testimony, he focused on a number of elements that can help resolve multiple crises related to immigration, through improving immigration management, strengthening the civil society and addressing the lack of equality in the sustainable development agenda.
The three nested crises are: (i) the divorce crisis resulting from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) changing its partner; (ii) the marriage crisis stemming from the AKP's new wedding with the state; and (iii) the crises the AKP has with its new partner, the state.
O ponto de partida deste texto e que depois de urna ofensiva, politica, economica, social, teorica e militar, esta ultima no caso de America Latina, por citar um exemplo, contra os trabalhadores, conhecida mundialmente como neoliberalismo, que mudou o modelo de acumulacao no modo de producao capitalista e impulsionou a hegemonia do capital financeiro sobre a classe operaria mas tambem sobre as outras fracoes do capital, o marxismo continua sendo urna teoria que permite entender as crises do capitalismo contemporaneo em termos teoricos e urna guia para a acao na luta pela superacao do capitalismo e a construcao do socialismo no mundo nas trilhas de urna sociedade comunista.
Summary: World economic slowdown in general , Chinas economic growth retreat from 11% to 7%, Europe's negative economic forecasts, alongside with political crises in Crimea and the Middle East, and the Islamic state oil sale are the factors behind changing the market structure which undermined the supply and demand equation that resulted in slumping the oil price.
The political crises in Macedonia spread to other fields as well and will result as the previous crises did, according to Demiri.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the important actors of the region and controlling the regional crises is not possible without Iran's partnership, and this has always been stressed by Italian officials," Conciatori said in a meeting with Chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi in Tehran on Sunday.
Though an association between rapid credit expansion and a decline in lending standards suggests that leverage could be a good indicator of banking system vulnerability, linkages between private-sector leverage and systemic crises in banking are far from strong or stable, concludes Moody's Investors Service in a new report.
of economic damage that can be wrought when such crises occur.