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Antonyms for crescendo

(music) a gradual increase in loudness

grow louder

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gradually increasing in volume

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Bowman et al, Bringing Home the Bacon, CRESC public interest report, 2012, pp32-6
Bowman et al, The Finance and Point Value Complex, CRESC Working Paper 118, 2014.
Assim como no modelo desses autores, a variavel CRESC foi determinada pela questao C-16, a qual indica que, em media, 35,52% das vendas das UNs sao classificadas como "aumento das vendas e do market share, pela disposicao em aceitar baixos retornos sobre o investimento no curto e medio prazos", contra 24,88% de Indjejikian e Matejka (2006).
Nas analises das regressoes, utilizaram-se raiz quadrada para CRESC e log para TAM e TEMPO.
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Julie Froud is Professor of Financial Innovation at Manchester Business School and an affiliate at CRESC; Sukhdev Johal is a Reader at the School of Management at Royal Holloway, University of London and an affiliate of CRESC; Michael Moran is Professor of Government at the University of Manchester and an affiliate of CRESC; Karel Williams is Professor of Accounting and Political Economy at Manchester Business School and Director of CRESC.
On this basis, we asked CRESC economists to research Enfield's industrial data and formulate advice incorporating the various constraints we face.
When CRESC came back two months later to make its main recommendations, this inclination towards 'municipal mercantilism' was made explicit.
Kadtler, 'Financialisation or: bargaining on economic rationalities', paper presented to CRESC Conference, Finance in question/Finance in crisis, Manchester, April 2010.
The CRESC report found that tax revenues generated in the finance sector in recent years are offset by the immediate cost of bank bail-out.
CRESC, An Alternative Report on UK Banking Reform: A public interest report from CRESC, 2009, available online: http://www.