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Another approach is to use an Intel-based CPU board mounted in a compact PCI rack, but it is a very expensive solution.
The new CPU board offers higher computing and strongly improved graphics with the same low power consumption as 3[sup.
The UK company Sequoia Technology has introduced a Pentium III CPU board with reduced power consumption.
This is more than a financial milestone for the CPCI CPU board architecture," said Paul Zorfass, senior analyst.
The Iwill QK8S consists of three (3) separate boards to form a complete 4-Way AMD Opteron processor solution: the CPU board, an I/O board and a VGA board.
The enhanced STX features include a Turbo CPU board and an increase in call capacity, jumping from 1,344 to 1,920 ports (80 T1's) in the same footprint of 22.
Users need simply attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to a user-supplied CPU board to have all of the system resources of a typical desktop PC.
The POS (point of sales) CPU board series is designed specifically for POS and other related applications that require many I/O connections and rugged features at an affordable price.
today announced it will soon release its SpacePC(R) 4500 Series single board computer (SBC), a fanless CPU board that combines the new Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel(R) Celeron(R) processor with an Intel 815E chipset in a ruggedized PC/104-Plus format ideal for demanding aerospace, defense, transportation, and industrial applications.
a leading provider of high-performance, programmable and power-efficient system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors for video streaming and image processing applications, today announced that its Tetra CPU Board has been selected by EDN Magazine as a finalist in the Embedded Products division of its 2003 Innovation Of The Year Awards Competition.
The Flash 700 CPU board chip set provides the control logic for a copyback cache and Wyde Bus interface, while the Flash 701 Error Detection and Correction (EDC) memory board chip set manages the memory interface to the Wyde Bus and controls the EDC logic.
Each evaluation kit comes with a CPU board that is pre-installed with its peripherals interfaced to a PC/104-Plus baseboard with standard PC-style connectors for PS/2, VGA, RJ-45 Ethernet, and CompactFlash(R).