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a salt or ester of citric acid

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cause to form a salt or ester of citric acid

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11,12,13,14] Therefore, adenine is added to the anticoagulant CPDA-1, prolonging the duration of storage.
The most commonly used anticoagulant in canine and feline medicine is CPDA-1 because it allows blood to be stored for a longer period of time and is well tolerated by the patient?
Effect of 6-hour exposure to 20 degrees C on the ATP content and other biochemical measures of CPDA-1 packed red cells.
sources), and with normal serum samples spiked with interference substances heparin, EDTA, ACD, and CPDA-1 (Boston Biomedica).
Vrksztmny-elolltshoz szksges CPDA-1 alvadsgtl- s trol oldat, 6080 ml/zsk.
RBCs also contain anticoagulants like citrate-phosphate dextrose, or CPD; citrate-phosphate dextrose-dextrose, or CPD2D; or citric--phosphate dextrose-adenine, or CPDA-1.
The filtered content was transferred to a blood bag (500mL blood collection bag, CPDA-1, JP Pharmaceutical Industry A.
Traditionally, a request for fresh blood transfusion, (less than seven-day-old and collected in CPDA-1 [citrate phosphate dextrose adenine]), is due to the three following concerns in using older blood: