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a salt or ester of citric acid

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cause to form a salt or ester of citric acid

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What makes Gallup's decision to skip presidential polling all the more shocking is that Gallup's Editor-in-Chief, Frank Newport, is the very same pollster that the CPD has employed since 2000 to implement its polling debate criteria.
Christine MacDonald, UCQ senior nursing instructor and Continuing Professional Development Accreditation Project coordinator, stated: "The mandatory system of CPD licensure of healthcare professionals for Qatar is an ambitious and unique national initiative, and we are proud to be a part of it.
CPD Bodies launched in 2009 when Mr Doocey bought out a failing business for a nominal sum of PS1, inheriting the existing plant, machinery and one member of staff.
Practitioners need to be aware that any activities relating to the competence standards described above are considered to be part of your compulsory competence CPD claim and not part of your professional development component of the CPD programme.
Ayala explained it was during the second visit to the "black site" that the CPD threatened to take his children if he would not sign onto the story they had prepared.
During the surprise inspection campaign, the CPD sleuths stopped the sale of some fruits which were imported in damaged boxes.
Maintaining your CPD should not be an onerous task and the IED has, along with many other engineering institutions, signed up to the Engineering Council's CPD scheme 'MyCareerPath'.
These branch councils are run by a volunteer committee which has as one of its objectives to provide effective and reasonably priced CPD for its members (Downey, 2013, personal communication).
An additional benefit is that the MPC CPD manager can complete your IAR form on your behalf (no more countless hours of reconciling CPD records before a compliance audit) and submit your CPD history to the HPCSA once you have approved it and are happy with the results.
CPD can be a big financial and time commitment for busy practioners but I always find it invigorating to learn about new techniques and advances.
It is important to emphasise that all nurses and midwives are required to meet the CPD requirements each year.
PEC has registered 82 professional organizations and universities as Professional Engineering Bodies (PEBs) and conducted 124 CPD activities for imparting CPD activities to the large community of engineers.
Full engagement in the CPD process is integral to this.
This is an annual initiative as last year the department fixed prices of 800 items and it posted the prices on the CPD's website to allow customers to inspect them if overcharged," Gulf News quoted the CPD as saying in a report.
Minister of Economy, Sultan Saeed Al Mansouri, announced in May 2012 that the CPD has taken an initiative to fix prices of 15 commodities at prices ranging from 70-180.