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Synonyms for coconut

the edible white meat of a coconut

large hard-shelled oval nut with a fibrous husk containing thick white meat surrounding a central cavity filled (when fresh) with fluid or milk

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As I said a normal coconut tree bears 70 coconuts, but this coconut tree is now bearing more than 5000 coconuts alone," added Esther.
All those saturated chemical bonds explain why coconut oil is solid at room temperature and doesn't go rancid quickly.
A saturated fat that comes from coconut is very different than a saturated fat that comes from butter and clogs your arteries," she says.
Of all the beverages, to reverse dehydration, coconut water tops my list.
Tiptur once had more than 23 small companies associated with coconut and its byproducts.
For centuries, coconut has been a staple for cultures around the world.
Dubbed the Yoconut, the Geordie nuts come ready-stripped of their tough brown shells, making the sweet coconut milk inside easier to reach.
Tourists set to work picking herbs and spices, weaving plates from coconut fronds, and wrapping chicken and sweet potatoes in banana leaves.
Researchers in Thailand used a mix of fat replacers to improve the quality of low-fat coconut milk ice cream.
The coconut gelato is rich and creamy, while the sorbet makes for a lighter, frostier drink.
Once they reach full height, which takes 5-7 years, a coconut palm will yield 5-6 coconut bunches annually, with about a dozen coconuts per bunch (get the mai tai glasses ready).
It will purchase coconuts from 2,454 households at higher rate than market price if the price of coconuts falls down.
Packaged coconut water is prepared by extracting liquid from selected tender fresh coconuts through a special process and then packaged in food grade cans, pet bottles, and cartons.
We also like Yes To Coconuts Ultra Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, PS5.