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an anti-inflammatory drug that fights pain and blocks Cox-2 activity without impeding the activity of Cox-1

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COX-2 inhibition prevents downregulation of key renal water and sodium transport proteins in response to bilateral ureteral obstruction.
It is also obvious that COX-2 inhibition was apparent with several common and widely recognized natural products, from the time that our ancients first used them.
20) Recently released follow-up data from the APPROVe trial further establishes that Cox-2 inhibition contributes to atherosclerotic progression and atherogenesis, and that the hazard continues even after the drug is discontinued.
Qualitative SAR demonstrated that hydroxyl group substitution in meta and para position of aromatic ring exerted the higher activity of COX-2 inhibition, such as GA versus SA, DSS versus CA.
It is important that they also inhibit COX-1 to some degree because this provides a mild blood-thinning effect, counteracting the blood-clotting effect of COX-2 inhibition.
So, rather than replacing the missing prostacyclin, as others have proposed, NO is lost and amplifies the effects of COX-2 inhibition on the cardiovascular system," says FitzGerald.
Similarly, different COX-2 inhibitors have varying effects of COX-2 inhibition.
Effect of specific COX-2 inhibition in osteoarthritis of the knee: A 6 week double blind, placebo controlled pilot study of rofecoxib.
Studies of COX-2 inhibition with drugs like Vioxx[R] and Celebrex[R]--which many hoped would be useful in preventing colon cancer in people with precancerous polyps--demonstrated that COX-2 inhibition will reduce one fire, but will also increase other types of inflammation.
One possible explanation of the results of VIGOR, therefore, may be that the increased risk for thromboembolic cardiovascular events is based on a nonenzymatic mechanism of rofecoxib and is not related with COX-2 inhibition.
The apparent risks associated with strong COX-2 inhibition make continued use of Bextra problematic.
Investigational approaches: Amino acids, beta blockers, cannabinoids, COX-2 inhibition, dermacidin gene, ghrelin, IL-6 antagonism, inflammation, kanglaite, melanocortin antagonism, myostatin inhibition, olanzapine, proteolysis induction, selective androgen receptor modulation, thalidomide.
The mechanism underlying the antitumor activity of guggulsterone is thought to involve inhibition of COX-2 enzyme activity, but it is unclear whether COX-2 inhibition is required to reverse MDR.
18) The amazing benefits of hops continue as one study showed the positive COX-2 inhibition without the harmful side-effects of several popular pharmaceutical COX-2 inhibitors.