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a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)

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But programmes did not always focus on results and targets were not consistent or clear enough ", pointed out COTER chair, Mr Raffaele Cattaneo, president of the Lombardia Regional Council, adding that: "We share with our REGI colleagues a strong commitment to make this massive investment plan for Europe worth 637bn until 2020 work better, deliver its promises for the all Europeans and become more visible so that citizens, businesses and all decision makers are fully aware of what it at stake when we discuss its future ".
MEPs and COTER members also discussed the Committee of the Regions study on the potential of closing the missing transport link in border regions, including examples such as the link between Prague and Nuremberg, the bridge between Freiburg and Colmar, and the missing 15 km of electrified tracks between the German border and Wroclaw.
Questioned by Europolitics, Michel Delebarre, president of the Committee of the Regions' COTER Commission and mayor of Dunkerque (France), declared that this clarification had been long awaited by the "territorial authorities which, for once, were highly satisfied by the recent judgements of the European Union's Court of Justice on Eurawasser and Coditel and would like this case law to be carved, if not in marble then at least in stone, in Community legislation" .
Other speakers included Jean-Yves Le Drian, rapporteur (PES, France) of the CoR on territorial cohesion and Michael Schneider (EPP-ED, Germany), president of the CoR's Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy (COTER) during a joint meeting of the COTER and the European Parliament's Regional Development Committee, on 7 October.
Joint debate - OPEN DAYS: European Week of Regions and Cities - Joint meeting REGI Committee and CoR COTER Commission on the Future of the Cohesion Policy after 2013