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a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)

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We look forward to continuing to collaborate with COTAS, and are pleased to add COTAS to our Latin America customer roster deploying Passport Guide to enrich the television viewing experience for subscribers.
COTAS joins other Rovi Passport Guide customers in Latin America including: Megacable Comunicaciones, Supercanal Argentina, and Cable & Wireless Panama.
Misael Andrade, Gilat's VP Sales & Marketing for the Andean Region, said, "Our work with COTAS is a recent example of our ability to help bring the latest communication solutions to citizens in rural communities worldwide.
ITXC Corp (NASDAQ:ITXC) and COTAS (Telecommunications Cooperative of Santa Cruz), the local telephone operator for Santa Cruz and second-largest local exchange carrier in Bolivia, announced that Cotas plans to use ITXC's global network to offer both international and domestic long distance service to Bolivian customers starting November 28, 2001, the day the Bolivian telecom market opens to competition.
A (reference previous recent SRT press releases in June 1996 and July 1997) and by COTAS (Cooperativa de telecomunicaciones, Santa Cruz Ltda.