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the dried meat of the coconut from which oil is extracted

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Finally, according to these weights, the fuzzy COPRAS method was applied for the purpose of ranking three bank branches based on their CRM performance.
A COPRAS method is presented to solve the fund allocation to organizations problem existed in Economic Organizations Budgeting sector (EOB); Ministry of Finance, Egypt.
Calculations of fuzzy COPRAS can be described as follows:
COPRAS based comparative analysis of the European Country management capabilities within the construction sector in the time of crisis, Journal of Business Economics and Management 12(2): 417-434.
A framework to measure relative performance of Indian technical institutions using antegrated fuzzy AHP and COPRAS methodology, SocioEconomic Planning Sciences 46(3): 1-12.
Relatively recently developed MCDM methods, such as COPRAS, ARAS, MOORA, MULTIMOORA, SWARA and WASPAS are rapidly developed and applied to solve real life problems.
Then, the COPRAS method is used to obtain the final ranking order of alternatives.
2009), and comparative analysis of SAW and COPRAS methods (Podvezko 2011).
2011) combined entropy and COPRAS methods to evaluate the priority of the European country construction sectors set.
2011) The comparative analysis of MCDA methods SAW and COPRAS, Inzinerine Ekonomika-Engineering Economics, 22(2), pp.
MOORA, MULTIMOORA, TOPSIS, VIKOR, ELECTRE, PROMETHEE, ARAS, COPRAS, SAW and other methods that are widely used around the globe.
Then, the weighted normalized decision-making matrices are formed, the relative significance of alternatives is calculated applying COPRAS, TOPSIS and WASPAS methods, the ranking order of alternative solutions is established and the utility degree of every alternative is calculated and compared.