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Statements to utilize these programs or drivers are placed in the CONFIG.
2 supports sixteen configuration commands; all of these commands can be used in CONFIG.
It is imperative to begin this kind of configuration experimentation by first making a backup copy of our CONFIG.
Typically, this category of virus joins the CONFIG.
In MS-DOS 6, this capability was limited to your CONFIG.
WinLAND can also collect and review all WinINSTALL installation activities from an enhanced tool bar and direct WinINSTALL's file rollback capability to automatically restore system files such as a CONFIG.
Preparatory to installation of the TextWare package, the user's CONFIG.
The ideal installation program will not modify existing CONFIG.
Stacker uses this space for necessary DOS files, all the drivers specified in your CONFIG.
Depending on the contents (or presence, for that matter) of the CONFIG.
The installation procedure is completely automatic, including the creation of a CONFIG.
Snooper also offers the following features: reporting of over 100 system info items including detection of IRQs to assist the user in resolving resource conflicts, full-screen netware information, complete disk and port information, and recognition of 1,100 MicroChannel cards; built-in editors for CONFIG.
For example, IBM-PC bulletin board programs often require advanced knowledge of DOS, including lots of experience writing batch files, using modems, and creating CONFIG.
During installation, the user is asked to choose one of three "memory/functionality" options that will determine what instructions go into the CONFIG.
Perhaps best of all, the program does not forcibly modify CONFIG.