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technical and intelligence information derived from foreign communications by other than the intended recipients

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SIGINT provides a vital window for our nation into foreign adversaries' capabilities, actions, and intentions SIGINT has two components: COMINT and ELINT.
The final effort by the USAFSS to supply airborne COMINT directly to the war fighter occurred in a project known as Blue Sky.
The 19 November Pacific Fleet COMINT summary observed that Hiei "appears today at Sasebo"--that is, on the southwest coast of Kyushu.
The trained S-6 is key to protecting combat units from COMINT and other forms of communications and automation exploitation.
The process of producing COMINT can be broadly divided into two steps: the collection of signals and the processing of those signals.
COMINT, meanwhile, is collected by the aircraft's EPICEA (Ensemble Pilotant un Centre d'Ecoutes Automatise/ Automatic Listening Centre) subsystem, also thought to be provided by Thales.
Baseline ARL-E sensor capabilities include dual high-definition EO/IR with laser illumination/range finding and target designation, a tactical COMINT sensor, and a SAR/GMTI sensor.
Still, while COMINT and ELINT are historically different disciplines, they are increasingly converging in the sense that radar and communications signals no longer are found on what was formerly a predictable range of frequencies.
The ARL baseline includes two FMV sensors, a COMINT package, an APG capability, and a radar sensor system.
On the EW front, the 54th is receiving the first elements of the SGEA Valo system (see sidebar), integrating COMINT sensors and exploitation suites on LINX armored personnel carriers (APCs), and the legacy SGEA sensors are to be upgraded as well.
2018 for the EAGLE system at maintenance level 4 with the following supply numbers: 2355-12-376-6506 PATSICH GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-376 -6524 FPERS GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-380-4978 BAT GFF 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-385-6684 FPERS GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-386-8248 WINDMESS-TRP GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355- 12-386-8287 VIDEO RECEIVE GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-386-8290 EKT GFF 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-386-8292 BAT GFF 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-387-2227 INST ART-FUE-WES GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-387-4329 FPERS GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-390-0492 SIG SAMPLING COMINT GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-390-8209 SPUERHOGEN-TRP KPFM-ABW GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV 2355-12-390-8211 GELAENDEKAMERA-TRP GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV OSA 2355-12-390-8214 PASSIVE GFF KL 2 EAGLE IV AZN 2.
The Talon RTS 2620 recorder is suitable for military, security and government intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT and ELINT) applications.
Understanding the TES' full capabilities also allows commanders to leverage COMINT data.
9) The ELINT and COMINT capabilities--lumped together as "SIGINT"--were becoming critical to support the increasingly technical air war in Southeast Asia.
Internationally recognized supplier for COMINT, ELINT and SIGINT systems for military and special services.