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technical and intelligence information derived from foreign communications by other than the intended recipients

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Radio operators in tactical units generally failed to acknowledge radio communications' vulnerability to COMINT.
The COMINT summary stated that Hiei had exchanged messages with elements of the Second and Third fleets.
COMINT Consulting leads the COMINT/SIGINT field with more collection points, modes, linguists, spectrum analysis and surveillance targets than any other signal intelligence provider.
Seeking to move intelligence directly to the cockpit, in February 1953 the USAFSS installed a COMINT collection position on a C-47 airborne tactical air control center.
Baseline ARL-E sensor capabilities include dual high-definition EO/IR with laser illumination/range finding and target designation, a tactical COMINT sensor, and a SAR/GMTI sensor.
COMINT Consulting professionals will be available at the booth to answer questions about specific performance issues and reports available with Krypto500 and the HF Signals Database.
Experience showed the best way to fuse tracking data with COMINT was for the lead airborne linguist, the Airborne Mission Supervisor (AMS), to stand behind the lead of the C2 crew.
The ARL baseline includes two FMV sensors, a COMINT package, an APG capability, and a radar sensor system.
The only evidence we obtained was that ROCAF COMINT had not intercepted any position report on Chen's aircraft reaching Nancheng.
COMINT offerings - for radio communications analysis - and ELINT solutions for the analysis of radar emissions, giving chiefs of staff a comprehensive picture for more effective tactical and strategic control over situations on the ground
specialises in Lawful Interception, Spectrum Surveillance, Data capture, Decoding & Recording, Signal Analysis, SIGINT - COMINT - ELINT, TSCM services & Equipments, Integration, electronic security and encryption products.
Based on the Block 20 Global Hawk configuration with a wing span larger than a commercial airliner, Euro Hawk(R) UAS will be integrated with a new SIGINT mission system developed by EADS and will serve as the German Air Force's HALE SIGINT system, providing standoff capability to detect electronic intelligence, or ELINT, and communications intelligence, or COMINT, emitters.
Understanding the TES' full capabilities also allows commanders to leverage COMINT data.
The SIGINT Analyst is normally tipped by other GEOINT team members to a location where COMINT data is required.
Other packaged solutions are available for battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance units, based on the Bastion and ALTV platforms from ACMAT (a subsidiary of RTD), with sensor suites from Thales including day/night optronics, battlefield surveillance radars, COMINT systems and CBRN sensors.