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common business-oriented language

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Developers in the information technology (IT) department previously hand-coded reports in the COBOL programming language.
IAI's earlier project required it to convert VSE COBOL, an older version of the popular COBOL programming language, to MVS COBOL, one of the most widely used programming languages for mainframe computer environments.
0 that deliver important functionality for developers of applications intended for multiple national languages as well as developers using the COBOL programming language.
TM) a leader in Year 2000 software tools and services, today announced the extension of its Y2K-in-a-box-tools line to include support for the Cobol programming language.
Among these products is SEEC COBOL Analyst 2000 -- a leading PC-based tool for analyzing and assessing the impact of the century date change on information systems developed using the COBOL programming language.