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CHICAGO -- Clerity, a full-service provider of mainframe migration, modernization and optimization solutions, today introduced enhanced automated Assembler conversion tools and services to help companies efficiently translate Assembler application components into readable, maintainable COBOL language code.
This release will provide support for HP COBOL language extensions and HP Intrinsics, thereby providing direct access to Image and many other third party offerings.
Visual COBOL R3 is the first solution to translate the COBOL language directly to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), allowing developers to create COBOL applications for the JVM framework and seamlessly integrate with Java.
1Spec is the professional developer's environment for the natural extension of the COBOL language.
Today is the 50th anniversary of the first meeting at the US Pentagon of the committee that would develop the COBOL language.
1Spec is a professional developer's environment for the natural extension of the COBOL language.
With its support of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 2002 standardization of the COBOL language and active participation in future COBOL standards, Micro Focus enables organizations to modernize their existing systems and cost-effectively extend them to the latest technology innovations, including Web services, J2EE and .
inform students of the realities of the COBOL language in the labor market;
TRS has in excess of 2,000,000 lines of code comprised of approximately 60% Natural language code, 30% COBOL language code, and 10% Assembler language code.
The NetCOBOL brand name reflects the strength of Fujitsu's implementation of the legacy COBOL language in the Internet environment.