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common business-oriented language

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An open source solution for COBOL workloads allows sites to take advantage of the open systems world without having to pay premium prices for proprietary COBOL compilers.
Implementing CIO is fast, and in the case of Micro Focus COBOL and ACUCOBOL the product can be implemented without changing any COBOL code or recompiling programs, the company said.
This provides a continuing job market for COBOL programmers as older programmers retire and new programmers are hired to replace them.
Included in Acucorp's extend are solutions that enable COBOL applications to: interoperate with .
The COBOL language is easy to learn because statements read like English descriptions of what they actually do.
The combination of Microsoft's visual development tools and Fujitsu COBOL opens new deployment options for legacy COBOL applications.
Visual COBOL R3 is the first solution to translate the COBOL language directly to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), allowing developers to create COBOL applications for the JVM framework and seamlessly integrate with Java.
Many HP3000 users with significant COBOL investments are migrating to IBM eServer products," said Ian Jarman, IBM eServer iSeries product manager.
By adding the power and flexibility of the Java platform to existing COBOL programs, companies can preserve vital application and data assets while gaining the benefits of new technology options," explained Alfredo Iglesias, vice president, Veryant.
Because existing COBOL code represents a major investment for many companies, it is important, but increasingly challenging to exploit these assets.
The name COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) was agreed during a meeting of the Short Range Committee, the organization responsible for submitting the first version of the language, on September 18, 1959.
Despite major impact over 50 years, Americans don't know what COBOL is
We are deeply committed to investing in the further development of COBOL and creating new products for RM/COBOL users," said Peter Anderton, Product Solutions Director, Micro Focus.
Urges IT industry to modernize COBOL systems and applications during economic uncertainty
PHOENIX -- Veryant, the COBOL and Java technology innovator, will sponsor a Webinar Tuesday, August 12, at 11 am EDT to help enterprises find a fresh approach to COBOL application development, modernization, and Web enablement.