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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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CO2 as an injectant provides numerous advantages over other EOR techniques as it has neutral behavior and doesn't affect the chemical composition and quality of crude oil.
Air Products already offers liquid CO2 all over the world.
The CO2 monitors measure ambient carbon dioxide levels every 60 seconds and saves the data for later download.
It builds on the success of previous experimental data released by DNV GL and can be used by the CCS industry and designers to validate computer simulations used in CO2 pipeline design, thus optimising the design process," he continues.
With reported CO2 exposure incidents on the rise state and local fire marshals are creating new ordinances and safety regulations to monitor all businesses that use stored CO2.
Global CO2 Capture and Storage Market - By Capture Technology
The CO2 capture system will consist of a flue-gas quencher, absorber and regeneration system, CO2 compression unit, and utility facilities.
Ask a climate scientist: CO2 and temperature Is there any merit to the studies that show that historical CO2 levels lag behind temperature, and not lead them?
Alarmists warn that CO2 levels crossing the threshold of 400ppm will spell certain doom for the human race.
The researcher added additional CO2 to the experiments to simulate exhaled air.
JGC and BASF jointly began developing a new technology for a CO2 capture process called High Pressure Acid Gas Capture Technology (HiPACT) in 2004.
The company's long term commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its vehicles has paid huge dividends with sales figures in 2008 placing Peugeot at the very top as the leading low CO2 car company.
Applying Carbon Sciences' patent-pending technology in a laboratory-scale prototype, the company has successfully transformed a stream of CO2 gas into methanol fuel.
Both CO2 and ammonia have zero ozone-depleting potential when used in closed refrigeration systems.
THE Governmentbacked Act on CO2 campaign provides some pointers: Pump up to cut down: Under inflated tyres create more resistance when your car is moving.