carbon monoxide poisoning

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a toxic condition that results from inhaling and absorbing carbon monoxide gas

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Hospital ED visits for CO poisoning peaked at 100 on day one following the snowstorm before leveling at approximately 30 daily admissions through day four, after which admissions decreased to fewer than 10 per day.
CORGI launched its Carbon Monoxide tracker as a result of an initial study, undertaken by Kadence earlier in 2007, which highlighted a general lack of awareness regarding the dangers of CO and how to ensure safety and prevention against CO poisoning.
The symptoms of CO poisoning can be very vague and include feeling generally unwell, headache, flu symptoms and diarrhoea and vomiting.
A total of 21 people in eight prefectures have died of CO poisoning caused by defects in its gas water heaters and more than 30 were injured in gas poisoning accidents, according to Paloma.
Patients with acute CO poisoning commonly have cognitive sequelae after exposure.
Last year, we had four people brought in to SMC with CO poisoning but they survived, thanks to timely arrival at the hospital," he said.
We have since been made aware that although the women were concerned they may have had CO poisoning, in fact, they did not.
Those who have lost relatives and friends during the last year as a result of CO poisoning know how important it is that we get the right message out.
CO poisoning has caused 100 deaths in the past two years, but a study by pharmacy company Lloyds has shown many more people may be affected by a milder form of the condition without realising it.
If it is suspected you have CO poisoning, you should move away from the possible source of the gas so your symptoms can be assessed.
Given that most incidents of CO poisoning occur while victims are sleeping, patch detectors are often rendered ineffective when they are needed most.
Although it's rare, CO poisoning can strike when any fuel-burning appliance is used in a confined space.
Prevention of CO poisoning requires that 1) homeowners and renters recognize that all combustion appliances must be professionally installed to ensure both complete combustion of the fuel and adequate ventilation of combustion products; 2) combustion appliances be maintained and inspected annually; 3) fuels not be burned in confined spaces (e.
Infants, the elderly, people with respiratory problems and pets are especially susceptible to CO poisoning.
Although the school reacted immediately by evacuating the building and alerting the emergency services, CO poisoning is a silent killer that claims the lives of 50 people in the country every year.