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a radioactive gaseous element formed by the disintegration of radium

a graduate nurse who has passed examinations for registration

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About CNA Serving businesses and professionals since 1897, CNA is the country's eighth largest commercial insurance writer and the 14th largest property and casualty company.
The hospital board voted 4-0 last week to recognize the CNA after a count of cards turned in by union supporters showed that a majority of nurses wanted the union to represent them, officials said.
4] The distinction between CNA and licensed professional is not always clear to consumers, or even other health care workers.
On June 10, 2011, Surety Acquisition Corporation was merged with and into CNA Surety in accordance with the merger agreement.
CONTACT: To learn how CNA lights the building or for additional inquiries, please contact: Brandon Davis 312-822-5167 or 312-822-5885 Brandon.
Pro-CNA nurses and CNA officials characterized the move to bring in the SEIU as a last-minute ``desperate'' anti-union tactic devised by the board and administration to fight off the CNA unionization before new union-friendly board members are sworn in Dec.
As soon as practicable, CNA Financial will cause Surety Acquisition to complete a short-form merger with and into CNA Surety.
The hospital filed its complaint against CNA after receiving complaints from employees that they were getting calls from CNA representatives while at work, hospital officials said.
55 per share price represents a 38% premium to the closing price of CNA Surety's common stock on October 29, 2010, the last trading day prior to CNA's public announcement of its proposal to acquire the public minority stake in CNA Surety, and a 21% premium to CNA's original proposed price of $22 per share.
Second, this acquisition will further extend the time frame over which both property/casualty units of CNA and Continental have separately been engaged in restructuring and reunderwriting their businesses.
For more information, please contact a local CNA branch or visit www.
The consolidation of these businesses provides CNA with coordinated direction for the growth of our operations nationwide," said Macdonald.
CNA offers property insurance for numerous industries, including retail, technology, financial institutions, hotels/hospitality, commercial contracting/construction, manufacturing, real estate, health care and professional services.
CHICAGO -- CNA Financial Corporation (NYSE:CNA) announced today that Stephen W.
CHICAGO -- CNA Financial Corporation (NYSE:CNA) will release fourth quarter and full-year 2006 earnings on Monday, February 12, 2007.