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inflammation of the retina

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These appearances were consistent with a first presentation of CMV retinitis.
Once CMV retinitis is diagnosed, treatment can be life long and require long term use of an indwelling catheter.
With a T cell count of 500 and a viral load of 9500, CMV retinitis is unlikely to be responsible for your current symptoms.
Approved December 22, 1994 (oral) for maintenance therapy for CMV retinitis in some patients.
The authors valued the global CMV retinitis therapeutics market at $525m in 2010, and forecasts it to decline at a negative CAGR of 3.
Further expanding its collaboration with a world pioneer in RNA interference (RNAi) technology, CytRx Corporation today announced it has signed a new agreement with the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) under which CytRx will fund research at UMMS for the further development of proprietary gene silencing technology for use in the treatment of diseases caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV), with an initial focus on CMV retinitis.
Roughly 20 percent of all AIDS patients also develop CMV retinitis, an infection of the retina that can progress to blindness (SN: 10/26/91, p.
CMV retinitis is an AIDS-related opportunistic infection that affects the eyes, potentially causing impaired vision and even blindness.
7, an advisory panel of independent scientists cut the trial short after its review showed that AIDS patients taking foscarnet lived an average of 12 months after developing CMV retinitis, while those on ganciclovir survived for an average of eight months.
Vitrasert[R] is FDA approved for the treatment of AIDS-related CMV Retinitis.
All HIV-positive artists, and estates, are invited to submit work that speaks about CMV retinitis.
He found that nine had CMV retinitis and four had cotton wool spots.
This decision by the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board marks the first approval of Valcyte for CMV retinitis in the EU and the Dutch approval will be used to initiate a mutual recognition procedure* with pan-European approval of Valcyte expected by mid-2002.