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any of a group of herpes viruses that enlarge epithelial cells and can cause birth defects


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A healthy immune system typically protects an infected person against CMV disease, but does not prevent or clear latent infection, and those whose immune systems are not fully functional are at high risk of CMV reactivation, potentially leading to severe illness or death.
Prevention of CMV disease in pediatric kidney transplant recipients: evaluation of pp67 NASBA-based pre-emptive ganciclovir therapy combined with CMV hyperimmune globulin prophylaxis in high-risk patients.
While a healthy immune system typically protects an infected person against CMV disease, it rarely eliminates the infection.
The role of treatment with ganciclovir is well defined in CMV disease where there is severe immunosuppression (21,22), but there are no randomised trials to support its use in the immunocompetent, although evidence from case series suggests that it may be effective (10,11).
This measurement also identifies patients at higher risk for CMV disease.
Because the pharmacologic treatment of symptomatic CMV disease is difficult, toxic, and expensive, most transplant centers use these antiviral agents either prophylactically in all patients at risk of viral activation or preemptively only in those patients with early presymptomatic laboratory evidence of infection.
2), (15), (16) Few cases of CMV disease in CVID patients have been recorded in the literature.
Allograft failure and mortality occurred in 48% of patients with CMV disease, 35% of those with subclinical CMV infection, and in only 17% of non-CMV-infected patients.
I am scared it means I will eventually get CMV disease.
For example, an IBT that enhances immune responses against cytomegalovirus (CMV), which is the leading cause of blindness among people with HIV, might be assessed for its ability to prevent or treat CMV disease.
Approved October 31, 1995 (oral) for prophylaxis of CMV disease.
CMV is short for cytomegalovirus, the germ that causes CMV disease.
The present Competitor Analysis describes the R&D pipeline of new molecular entities including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, cellular therapy approaches and small molecules in clinical and preclinical development for prophylaxis and treatment of CMV disease.
The previous focus of clinical development of maribavir as an anti-CMV agent was on the prevention of CMV disease in transplant patients.
Physicians use CMV DNA viral load information from the test to help manage patients who have been diagnosed with CMV disease, specifically patients whose immune system has been suppressed for solid organ transplantation.