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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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At present, S Bhattacharya is serving the Singareni Collieries Company (SCCL) as the CMD of the company.
All public sector banks are headed by a CMD with the exception of the State Bank of India, where the top position is commanded by the chairman and there are four MDs with clearly defined executive roles.
AI was performed regardless of normal or abnormal appearance of CMD on the day of spontaneous estrus.
CMD also offers TVS diodes mounted next to the LED die within the LED fixture.
CMD offers a full line of bagmaking, pouchmaking and converting equipment, as well as VFFS rebuild, upgrade and technology services.
CMD First Source provides preliminary information, proprietory specifications, technical details, and manufacturer catalogs, in addition to building code library, director of US architecture firms, and construction news.
Cahners plans to repurpose many of the CMD Group products into a portal Web site that will be the definitive content site for the construction industry.
Features include CMD Technology's new RAID Management System (RMS) software for controller configuration and management, automatic fail-over and CMD's AutoRebind (fail-back) for, access environments, Ethernet for remote configuration and monitoring, online RAID-set expansion for flexibility, online firmware updates for availability, the company's new SANmask LUN masking for secure disk access in shared storage environments, and RAID-set creation to produce usable data storage.
Founded in 1947, Rutgers CMD provides management and leadership training for professionals in business and human resources.
We will use next-generation sequencing technologies and high throughput metabolomic platforms to identify gut microbiota- and metabolomic-derived biomarkers and targets associated with CMD risks.
CMD will be presenting a portfolio of serial interface display controllers designed for the MIPI and MDDI display interface standards.
Prasada Rao, CMD, BHEL; Rajendra Nimde, MD, SECI; Shri R.
Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, CMD Booth # 675 -- California Micro Devices will be showcasing its display controller solutions based on the Mobile Digital Display Interface (MDDI) and Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI(R)) standards for mobile handsets and its LuxGuard ESD protection solutions for LED lighting applications at the 47th SID 2009 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition Display Week from June 2nd through 4th.
ShadowControl CMD makes it easy to monitor ShadowProtect backups