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(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2

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The discovery of a dipole anisotropy in the CMBR is interpreted as a Doppler shift produced by the Earth's motion (solar barycenter).
In the scan subjected to Earth's rotation, this pure * dependence is modulated by the variation of the altitude, h, of the CMBR apex and expressed as [DELTA]c/c = -[beta](1 + 2a) x x cos ([[theta].
In the scan subjected to an active rotation, the altitude of the CMBR apex is always h = 0, because a complete set of measurements can be done in 10 minutes.
We remark that the CMBR dipole is a frame dependent quantity.
The Miller's direction for the Earth velocity is almost perpendicular to the direction established by COBE, observing the CMBR anisotropy.
Table 1: Vector velocity of the Earth (solar system) relative to the CMBR rest frame, measured using the anisotropy of the CMBR in several experiments.
Of course, there are also interpretations claiming that the COBE measurements give only a velocity for the "relative" motion between the Earth and the CMBR [14].
The Earth's velocity vector on the basis of the Doppler shift of the CMBR results are presents in Section 3.
These anisotropies are expressed using the spherical harmonic expansion, and the Earth's motion with velocity [beta] = [upsilon]/c relative to the CMBR rest frame of temperature [T.
In Table 1, measurements of the velocity vector of the Earth (solar system) in several experiments in chronological order using the anisotropy of the CMBR are summarized.
Substituting the present cosmic CMBR temperature [16] 2.
Using this term and considering the present CMBR temperature baryon-photon number density ratio can be fitted as follows
The main advantage of this model is that, it mainly depends on CMBR temperature rather than the complicated red shift observations.