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(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2

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It is tempting to identify the relative uniformity of the CMBR as the remnant of that Light.
The CMBR is therefore the earliest direct evidence available to us of the evolution of our universe.
Radio astronomers have been able to obtain S-Z images of a few dozen clusters by mapping the CMBR at two wavelengths or more.
The third prediction--the existence of a background of gravitational waves--is inspiring concepts for experiments to search for extremely subtle polarization signatures that gravitational waves could imprint upon the CMBR.
Bottom row: These false-color images show hypothetical maps of the CMBR.
It appears that our cosmology with an expanding luminous world is consistent with the radiation energy density inferred from the CMBR.
After all, the CMBR and the galaxy distribution represent two epochs in the evolution of the same universe.
The same technique can be applied to the temperature fluctuations in the CMBR.
If universe is accelerating, just like "rate of stretching of a rubber band of infinite length" CMBR photon wavelength stretches and CMBR temperature decreases.
To implement the Planck scale successfully in cosmology, to develop a unified model of cosmology and to obtain the value of present Hubble's constant (without considering the cosmic red shifts), starting from the Planck scale it is assumed that at any time t: (1) The universe can be treated as a rotating and growing black hole; (2) With increasing mass and decreasing angular velocity universe always rotates with speed of light; (3A) Without cosmic rotation there is no "cosmic temperature"; (3B) Cosmic temperature follows Hawking black hole temperature formula where mass is equal to the geometric mean of Planck mass MP and cosmic mass Mt; (4) Rate of decrease in CMBR temperature is a measure of cosmic rate of expansion.
The cosmic microwave background radiation, or CMBR, is riddled with warm and cool spots, or anisotropies, whose temperature departs by a few parts in 100,000 from the average of 2.
The temperature of the CMBR could then be read from the reference body thermometers.
The proposed explanation is a far simpler one than the requirement to balance photon to proton ratios in the theorized early Universe of the Big Bang, with the added concern of an inflationary period to allow smoothness in the CMBR.
At this section we consider the anisotropic effect which may be useful for analyzing the anisotropy of CMBR spectrum, see Fig.
Of course, there are also interpretations claiming that the COBE measurements give only a velocity for the "relative" motion between the Earth and the CMBR [14].