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(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2

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Furthermore, that BPOPF has terminated its dealings with CMB.
CMB has been able to achieve this record while working in significantly depressed areas of the country.
3, CMB can now significantly increase working efficiency and productivity while simultaneously reducing their operational risk with a single platform.
5-1145, which is one of the largest galaxy clusters in the observable universe, the SZ effect leads to the creation of a dark "hole" - a region that scatters CMB radio waves.
The CMB can tell us when the epoch of reionisation started and, in turn, when the first stars formed in the Universe," explains Jan Tauber, Planck project scientist at ESA.
El contrato celebrado entre el CPTM y el CMB, via World Boxing Council, Inc.
Since then, CMB studies have revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos, giving birth to an era of precision cosmology.
Since operations began in 1930, CMB Engineering has been committed to developing superior canmaking machinery as well as providing support to can manufacturers by supplying spare parts and after-sales services.
CMB is diagnosed using MRI scans to detect deposits of the iron-storing blood protein hemosiderin in brain tissue near cerebral blood vessels.
In 2007, the Board approved an application by CMB to operate a branch in New York.
NEATH-BASED wind turbine installer CMB Renewables has added the Kingspan Wind KW15 high performance wind turbine to its product portfolio.
CMB Renewables will be demonstrating the new machine at The Pembrokeshire County Show, August 13 - 15.
The independent board members appointed by CMB were Ahmet AkEaA*a, Atilla KoEaA* and Mehmet Hilmi GEaA-ler.
SECP Chairman Muhammad Ali and Turkey's CMB Chairman Prof Dr Vedat Akgiray signed the MoU in Istanbul.
CMB Online is a geospatial data discovery and ordering program that allows customers to search, download, and order geospatial data using a simple, Web-based "shopping cart" interface.