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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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Children's Literacy Initiative is beyond excited to announce this generous federal funding," said Joel Zarrow, executive director of CLI.
Are you tired of having to update your CLI verification scripts every time a new option is added or an existing one is removed?
Working under approval to conduct compassionate use research of stem cell to treat CLI by intra-muscular injection of adipose tissue derived stem cells in December, 2008 (KFDA IND approval # 1273), the researchers in this study enrolled 15 subjects: 12 with Buerger's Disease, and 3 with Diabetic foot ulcers.
The CLI Verification is intended to provide a quality view during the call setup by performing test calls to network probes in the destination networks (e.
0 implementation, a first, and the CLI interface are direct answers to requests for ease of integration and management," said Dennis Tsu, vice president, sales and marketing, NextHop Technologies.
Herb Sutter, Microsoft C++ architect, said C++ developers targeting the CLI could do so knowing their application will work on any C++ compiler that implements the extensions.
Although the indicator is used as a real-time forecasting tool, virtually all analyses of the CLI have been based on historical versions of the index.
A sophisticated, Bayesian methodology to signal turning points in the CLI shows that the index has failed to provide reliable advance warning of both recessions and recoveries.
The Alumni Study Symposium is another step toward realizing our dream of a multi-cohort CLI community that will have an indelible positive impact on Christian-Jewish relations.
The Fund for CLI's Future reception, which will be held this evening at WHYY, will honor CLI founder and former executive director Linda Katz, who retired last July after leading the organization since its inception in 1988.
A unique "head-to-toe" meeting, NCVH brings together a multidisciplinary team of health professionals to focus on total cardiovascular care in patients with PAD and CLI.
Joining the intuitive EonNAS GUI, CLI allows direct system management, helping IT managers perform tasks with greater flexibility and efficiency.
The Townsend grant will also help fund the development of a CLI Model Classroom Portal providing established teachers with materials and strategies for creating literacy-rich classroom environments.
This multi-faceted campaign is a unique response to the needs of CLI patients and to the physicians challenged with treating these patients effectively.