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The CINE Golden Eagle Award has been recognized as a mark of excellence throughout the film and television industry for over 50 years.
Many prominent members of the film and television industry have received the CINE Golden Eagle Award, and for some - such as Ken Burns and Steven Spielberg - it was their first major award.
com; for more information on CINE, or to register for the CINE 50th Anniversary Awards Gala, go to http://www.
com, or Wendy Revel of CINE, +1-202-785-1136, wendyrevel@cine.
The Company's Cines Movieland subsidiary, based in Chile, operates 4 theatres with 31 total screens, including 4 digital and 4 3D screens.
Yelmo Cines has been a tremendous advocate for 3D and we look forward to expanding their 3D capabilities across their circuit through RealD technology," added Marlene Songin, Vice President, Cinema and General Director of RealD Europe.
Yelmo Cines is one of the leading exhibition companies in Spain, operating 396 screens at 34 sites.
CINES provides the scientific community with powerful means to pursue public research.
In addition, CINES can now allocate computer time and resources to many more researchers and professors.