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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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La CIL est unpartenaire strategique de la BERD en Tunisie ; avec plus de vingt ans d'experience, la CIL est acteur incontournable du secteur du leasingdans le pays.
The transformed shipping container is a "pop-up" inspiration hub showcasing four vignettes that represent common areas in the home and feature new CIL paint colors used on the walls.
on The council report says that, across the region, following assessments, St Helens have paused further work in bringing in a CIL "due to concern with current economic conditions", while Knowsley have decided not to introduce a CIL in the short term but are keeping the option under annual review.
The inappropriateness of CIL in a depressed marketplace is contributing to the failure to deliver development, which has been rendered even less viable than it was before.
CILs are consumer-driven, private, nonprofit organizations that advocate for people with disabilities and offer services to people with disabilities as peers.
Yet even with step one of the CIL definition established to a near-certainty, step two poses problems for the IMF.
Details of proposed new CIL charges will be presented to the council's cabinet next Monday before being issued for public consultation and follow talks with developers.
Le pret est accompagne d'une assistance technique de 200 000 euros - principalement financee par le Fonds multi-donateurs pour la region SEMED - qui apportera a CIL le soutien necessaire pour continuer a se renforcer en matiere de gestion des risques, de gouvernance, ainsi qu'en termes d'elaboration de rapports financiers aux normes comptables internationales.
The final notable point is that the timetable for transition to a CIL charging regime will be extended by 12 months.
In order to infuse world class technology and modernize CIL has been decided to appoint a consultant of International standings for the modernization of its mines.
They contacted CIL, which connected them with the RSO at the U.
The heap leach project would be developed independently and would draw ore from separate, lower-grade deposits than the CIL project.
It is now calling for agricultural, horticultural and forestry buildings to be exempted, or zero-rated, in CIL charging schedules.
None of the draft CIL proposals we have seen differentiate between brownfield and greenfield land.
Opened with the help of Gwynedd Social Services, for the last 13 years the team at CIL has provided a variety of services to disabled people, giving them the opportunity to make independent and informed choices about their lives.