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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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CIL shares were sold at a price of ` 245 in the IPO, which was oversubscribed by more than 15 times.
The report said the introduction of a CIL charge "is unlikely to put overall levels of development at risk in many parts of the borough," and it would be possible for developers to be offered relief on some schemes if the charges would make them "unviable".
We think that we are the only CIL in the nation to do this type of awareness training.
CIL takes over from the existing Section 106 payments which now have to be invested on the development site itself.
This is complemented by allowing authorities to set differential rates by reference to the proposed size of development, or the proposed number of units or dwellings and extending the provisions for phasing CIL payments to all types of planning permission, to deal fairly with more complex developments.
In order to infuse world class technology and modernize CIL has been decided to appoint a consultant of International standings for the modernization of its mines.
They contacted CIL, which connected them with the RSO at the U.
However, some areas in the Midlands are classified as disadvantaged - so it may mean that CIL will not apply.
non-self-executing treaties look more like CIL, which under the broad
why they would view all of CIL as now subject to the Mandatory View,
CLA Wales says CILs are damaging because it means urban charging structures are being imposed on rural areas.
CIL is a user-led organisation, which means it is run by the disabled for disabled people across Gwynedd.