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a beverage made from juice pressed from apples

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We extracted recorded events of VE and VM from CIDR.
The CIDR implants were removed the next day (day 9), and both groups were observed for estrus behavior for 1 hour, twice daily, for 7 days.
YOU MIGHT THINK this whole CIDR plug thing a little odd, or even gross, but this Indian is always looking for a new angle to fool a monster whitetail buck.
After CIDR withdrawal, estrus was observed 3 times in a day (morning, afternoon and evening) until exhibition of overt estrus by placing a buck of proven libido.
Para la reproducción de las ovejas fuera de temporada, el tratamiento con CIDR puede ser más efectivo que la administración de 0,125 mg de MGA dos veces al día durante 8 días (9).
This is the story of a unique product called the Eazi-Breed CIDR Cattle Insert, a product developed by InterAg, Hamilton, New Zealand, and licensed and marketed in much of the world by Pharmacia Animal Health, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Ewes in the MEL and MEL/ CIDR treatment groups (n=14) received a Melovine[R] (18 mg melatonin) implant for 42 d before slaughter.
Army Regulation 190-45 and CIDR 195-1 establish procedures for submitting criminal history data to the CJIS.
By deploying Isilon IQ, CIDR has unified its entire genotyping workflow onto a single, high performance, highly scalable, shared pool of storage, accelerating data access and processing speeds to increase research productivity, while reducing storage management costs.
An example of this teamwork approach is evident from the recent launch of EAZI-BREED CIDR Cattle Insert to the U.
InterNIC has been assigning CIDR blocks to Internet service providers, which is turn are assigning them to their customers.
CIDR is making Affymetrix-based genotyping available to supporting members of the National Institutes of Health.
The microinsurance products are offered through third party administrator Pool Micro Assurance SantEa, which is receiving technical assistance and operational support from CIDR, and is owned by a pool of six private, local insurance companies.
Effects of month and PMSG on the interval from CIDR removal to ovulation in Romney and Merinos ewes.
What's hot: Eazi-Breed CIDR Cattle Insert-first cattle reproduction breakthrough in 20 years; Lutalyse Sterile Solution.