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a tax on capital gains

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CGT was first introduced in Kenya in 1975 and later suspended by Parliament in 1985 because it was believed it was hindering activity on the NSE and the property market.
Complicated grief is a stress response syndrome, and CGT uses revisiting procedures derived from prolonged exposure for PTSD," said Dr.
The CGT union has been behind a number of direct protest actions in France, including the "boss-nappings" that made headlines in recent years.
relief from CGT if the property is your main home), if they meet the '90 day rule' i.
Where the garden and grounds are in excess of half a hectare, the CGT exemption will only be available where the land is required for the enjoyment of the main house and not the enjoyment of the owners, taking into account the size and character of the house.
THE CGT duly calls on parliament to approve the salary scale and that the Price Index Committee must abide by the law when pricing commodities.
With effect from April 6 the basic exemption for CGT is PS11,000 per person (increasing to PS11,100 in April 2015).
The CGT union was hoping to continue to garner support at Gonfreville and La Mede.
Britain welcomes investment from overseas but it's not right that those who live here have to pay CGT, but those who are non-residents do not," said Osborne.
The SECP Chairman said that the CGT law has been in place.
The CGT ordinance was initially scheduled to be signed after the federal budget, due to be released in May, but reports said the government was pressured by brokers to sign it earlier.
The first pounds 10,100 of capital gains is exempt from CGT; nearly everyone who is liable to CGT gets this tax-free allowance.
The leading chemical industry trade union - La federation nationale des industries chimiques CGT (FNIC-CGT) has called upon its members to carry out a nationwide protest on Tuesday October 12th against the government's pension reform plans to raise the retirement age in France.
He said CGT would be charged at 10 percent on the shares holding up to six months and at 7.