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a tax on capital gains

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The initial lump sum would be regarded as a capital receipt potentially covered by the CGT exemption, but "slice of the action" payments could be liable to income tax.
Even more damning, CGT is frequently described as 'economically a bad tax', discouraging entrepreneurship, savings and investments and distorting capital markets.
The mechanisms of action of CGT haven't been well characterized.
The company said it will collaborate with CGT Catapult to initiate manufacturing at the Stevenage, UK-based GMP facility to scale-up strategies for commercial production.
The facts that ferromagnetism is intrinsic to CGT, and that it is also a semiconductor, make it especially appealing for scientific applications in the fields of nanoscale memory, magnetic sensors and spintronic devices.
The CGT held workplace meetings Wednesday to decide whether to call off the rail strike.
The CGT was holding workplace meetings on Wednesday to decide whether to call off the rail strike.
The prime minister told parliament the CGT did not rule the country.
CGT was first introduced in Kenya in 1975 and later suspended by Parliament in 1985 because it was believed it was hindering activity on the NSE and the property market.
The company said it expects that the contribution of CGT would be immediately accretive to Dominion Midstream's distributed cash flow per unit and supportive of Dominion Midstream's intention to grow distributions to unit-holders at a best-in-class rate.
HMRC have now confirmed the new non-resident CGT will be realised only on profit made on divestment; gains made before April 2015 will be ring-fenced, either by re-basing values to the implementation date or by a time-apportionment for the whole gain.
A Making a gift to a child of a property that is not the donor's principal residence is a "disposal" for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purposes and your mother would have to pay CGT on it if the increase in value since she bought it exceeded her annual CGT allowance (presently PS11,000).
T), warned against added tax burdens incumbent upon the poor and low-income in a press release read by CGT boss Ghassan Ghosn today.
The tax exemption for main residences has been in force since CGT was introduced and has been a fundamental factor in the housing market.
Total's French refining operations have reached a pay rise deal with two unions, isolating the hardline CGT union, the company and a union official told Reuters.