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a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood

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While diabetes is also strongly associated with the development of cataracts, (58,64) the effect of CFRD on the lens in CF is yet to be determined.
They had more frequent exacerbations and inpatient stays during pregnancy and required more pharmacological interventions, and CFRD treatment doubled compared with their baseline (McMullen et al.
The collaboration between the two parties will be in the areas of exports of high-tech in the field of water resources and hydropower, including the construction technologies such as RCC and CFRD technology for high dams and large reservoirs, technology for project protection and resistance against earthquake, production and automatic control technology for extra-large hydraulic turbine generator set.
These officers were invited to apply to the temporary CFRD set up in Prince George for assessment and assignment to positions within the Rocky Mountain Rangers.
Price Waterhouse's CFRD Division facilitated the sale and