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Synonyms for Cf

a radioactive transuranic element

compare (used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text)


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In closing the conference, CFES Program Director Hasan Davis electrified the audience.
The researchers found that CFES gave rural students "a new reality" by helping them "imagine themselves in college because they could understand the options available.
These are schools that are ready, with College For Every Student, to take the next step," said Rick Dalton, CFES President & CEO.
Over the last 30 years, the gap in college going and degree attainment between youth from low-income households and their higher income peers has widened steadily," said CFES president and CEO Rick Dalton.
Thanks to the generous support of anonymous donors, CFES will offer awards to five schools that serve predominantly low-income youth so they may participate in our program for three years.
Nearly 450 high school and college-level CFES Scholars, K-16 educators, corporate and philanthropic leaders, traveled from 30 states and Ireland to convene in Burlington, VT for the two-day conference.
This was our best annual conference yet," exclaimed Rick Dalton, CFES president and CEO.
Our mission at CFES is to help low-income youth get to and through college so they can fill those jobs.