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Synonyms for Ce

a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series

of the period coinciding with the Christian era

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com/lg-announces-new-2018-4k-5k-monitor-models-hdr-support-2631408) 34-inch 5K UltraWide Monitor also snagged accolades, namely: MacRumors' CES 2018 - Best of CES Unveiled, SlashGear's Best of CES and The Verge's Awards at CES.
LG AI OLED TV C8: Engadget: Best of CES -- Best TV Product / Reviewed.
Samsung's 105inch UN105S9B TV, the World's First and Largest Bendable SUHD TV, earned a CES award for Best of Innovation: Video Displays.
Rob Hicks, CES's Wrexham branch manager, was confirmed as the UK''s top parts advisor, with Phil Melia, from CES Chester, and Brian Millington, from CES Derby, both coming in highly commended.
FISH karyotyping with the use of a chromosome 22 library confirmed a diagnosis of CES in all 3 boys.
CES prefers to work in groups of three or four operators using the company's eight excavators to take down a building, Lorenz says.
4% for the CES process compared with 20-45% for other fossil fuel plants--a number kept low because the C[O.
Some of my son's newest basketball moves were learned on the asphalt courts at CES as he played with kids who were older, bigger and more street-wise than my 10-year-old son would ever be.
NASA launched 41 Explorer satellites in its first decade (1958-'67), 27 of which related to what the CES lumps together as the earth sciences.
A must-see destination at the 2013 CES is the expanded Eureka Park, featuring 140 exhibitors including entrepreneurs, start-ups and small companies showcasing the next-generation of technology.
Innovation defines the International CES and we are thrilled to partner with Startup America to bring programming that highlights the young start-ups and entrepreneurs who will shape the future of technology," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA.
Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)([R]), the 2013 International CES is the world's largest annual innovation event and is scheduled for January 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
CEA MoDev Hackathon, Developer U and Appy Hour featured in Apps at CES program
The magazine also granted the International CES recognition as "The Most Innovative Green Initiatives by Show Management" for strides in "greening" the 2012 International CES([R]), the world's most important consumer technology event.
New, CES Unveiled STOCKHOLM will take place Monday, October 29, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.