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the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm

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Again, for many years search committees and boards declared that they wouldn't not interview physician executives for the CEO position if qualified individuals were included in the candidate slate.
For any CFO with designs on a CEO position, this is advice well worth heeding.
The CEO questionnaire and selected questions from the senior tax person questionnaire are reprinted in Apendix I to this article.
Mark Templeton, President and CEO, Citrix Systems, Inc.
There are major corporations today whose market is very diverse and companies whose client base is predominantly women and minorities where the companies themselves have no women or minorities driving the company," noted Charles Tribbett III, co-leader of the CEO and Corporate Board Services Practice of Russell Reynolds and co-author of the book.
Before Entwistle came on board, TELUS employees did not have a history of directly communicating with the CEO, which brought up several questions:
Many say they want the CEO job, but I don't think they do.
In the most positive case, what might be achieved between CEO and COO is the work arrangement that has come to be called "two in a box"--a situation where CEO and COO co-lead the company.
Larkin again suggest it "doesn't matter [italics added] if employees trust" the CEO, only that they trust the organization will implement the CEO's plan, and besides, they say, it's impossible to increase CEO trust no matter what you do.
The CEO will be given the reins of a complex business with thousands of employees and annual net operating revenues and total assets that may exceed hundreds of millions of dollars.
Multanen, Gary, Pres & CEO, Best Bath Systems, ID
Although TEI shares Congress's and the Administration's shock and disappointment over recent financial reporting failures, TEI does not believe the CEO signature proposal will advance the goal of minimizing such failures.
The company's corporate governance policy allowed only one employee on the board -- the CEO himself.
Take Paulo Periquito, who became Whirlpool's chief of Latin America after the multinational in 1997 acquired a majority interest in Multibras, where he was CEO.