Council of Economic Advisors

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an executive agency responsible for providing economic advice to the President

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Fee waived for CEA members (individual, student, volunteer or retiree)
OIRA laid out its version of CEA requirements in Circular A-4, and said its analytical process had to be used for any proposed regulation estimated to have an annual effect on the economy of $100 million or more.
CEA also claims that the addition of the DTV tuner constitutes an unreasonable technical burden on manufacturers.
The CEA is a privately financed, publicly managed state agency that will provide earthquake insurance to residential property owners, mobile-home owners and renters.
By expanding membership to startup companies, CEA will better serve the interests of both new and established companies.
One of the weaknesses and, at the same time, strengths of CEA is its societal view.
Tyler joined CEA in 2004 as director of finance and was instrumental in establishing CEA's budgeting and financial reporting process.
Reduce the cost of doing business with the CEA For example, use economies of scale to offset the maintenance and upgrade costs associated with CEA rate and form filings.
The CEA is backed by insurance companies and state Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush.
This is the third consecutive year that CEA has been honored by the program, which recognizes the 80 best places of employment in Virginia, benefiting the state's economy, its work force and businesses.
The market is alloti as follows LOT 1: classroom training on CEA Saclay and Fontenay-aux-Roses centers;LOT 2: classroom training on the CEA Cesta;LOT 3: classroom training on the CEA Gramat;LOT 4: classroom training at the CEA Cadarache;LOT 5: classroom training on the CEA Marcoule;LOT 6: classroom training on the CEA Valduc;LOT 7: classroom training at the CEA center of Grenoble;LOT 8: classroom training on the CEA Bruyeres-le-Chatel.
The IRS' terse, one-paragraph announcement that tax-exempt status is ``withdrawn pending further review'' threatens the entire program - and if the CEA dies, it will be a severe setback for the entire state.
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)([R]) today announced the recipients of the CEA Technology Leadership Awards and the CEA Technology Achievement Award, designed to recognize individual accomplishments in the industry's leading technology and standards programs.