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a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series

of the period coinciding with the Christian era

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The report projects that global CE device revenues will grow 6 percent in 2013, thanks to the continued strength in smartphones and tablets as well as a modest rebound from flat panel TVs and games consoles.
Eliminate the need for consumers to buy and integrate proprietary solutions for Web-based and interactive content (no additional hardware is required); -- Leverage ActiveVideo's strong programming relationships and Web standards-based authoring, tools and technologies to create and distribute exclusive content; -- Deliver upgrades and enhancements that increase CE device functionality and extend optimal service life; -- Market and sell new devices or provide manufacturer or retailer customer service directly to customers through the CE device, enhancing brand loyalty; and -- Replace a single CE sales transaction with recurring content revenue.
The study, Millennials: The New Face of Retail, examined how Millennials learn and research CE devices, where and why they purchase CE and their influence on others in purchasing CE.
broadband households will own at least one CE device that supports TV applications.
Protects Against Targeted Malware and Tampering of Windows CE Devices
However, mobile device shipments will still outnumber stationary CE devices by nearly ten to one.
This report covers the global market for CE devices with Wi-Fi for 20 different applications within 7 device categories: home aggregators, external clients, mobile PCs, stationary CE, PC peripherals, portable CE, and handsets.
The focus of this research is multimedia functionality that bridges the gap between the network established for PCs and non-PC stationary CE devices in the home.
ControlPoint is based on a light-weight, distributed architecture that has been implemented using standard Web technologies for easy portability to a variety of consumer products -- from televisions to networked DVD players to media adapters or to any browser-connected CE device.
Cloakware supports WMDRM-NDT/NDR on a number of CE device platforms including Linux on x86 chipset and pSOS on the TriMedia chipset.
But cellular network providers are turning to non-traditional CE devices to connect to their networks in an effort to generate additional revenue.
Smart devices are also forecast through 2016 in the same six regions and for the same CE devices.
For more information on this research, and other analyses regarding portable CE devices, refer to In-Stat's Portable Entertainment Device (PED) service.
Other stationary CE devices included in this report are segments like 3DTVs, HDTVs, video game consoles, and PVR/DVRs.