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a ductile grey metallic element of the lanthanide series

of the period coinciding with the Christian era

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Previous attempts to bring interactive TV functionality and exclusive content to CE devices have required significant investments by television and component manufacturers because of a need to integrate powerful intelligence and processing on the devices themselves.
While income constrained Youth Millennials do not spend as much money on CE devices as Adult Millennials, they do heavily influence their friends' and family members' CE purchases, thereby influencing overall purchasing trends.
Due to their broad scope, TV apps are rapidly becoming a ubiquitous product requirement for nearly all web-enabled CE devices.
Across all categories, there will be over one-half billion web-enabled CE devices in operation worldwide by 2013.
Solidcore's patented runtime control solution enhances the protection of Windows CE devices from targeted malware, tampering and unauthorized changes.
By 2012, shipments of CE devices with Wi-Fi are expected to reach more than 938 million.
Five-year forecast of CE devices with Wi-Fi including home aggregators (APs, routers, and gateways), external clients, mobile PCs, stationary CE, PC peripherals, portable CE, and handsets
Yet, in order to be successful, manufacturers and OEM's considering to develop a motion-aware product must understand how these motion technologies can be used together and how to effectively integrate them into CE devices.
ABI Research's "NFC" Market Data includes coverage of handsets, CE Devices, Bridging solutions and tags.
Smart devices are also forecast through 2016 in the same six regions and for the same CE devices.
For more information on this research, and other analyses regarding portable CE devices, refer to In-Stat's Portable and Computing Connected Devices (PCCD) service.
Internet connectivity has become a key feature for the majority of CE devices, whose global installed base will reach the two billion unit mark by the end of the year.
Other stationary CE devices included in this report are segments like 3DTVs, HDTVs, video game consoles, and PVR/DVRs.
NEW YORK -- With the advent smartphones, MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), smartbooks, netbooks, and connected CE devices, the landscape of mobile CE devices is rapidly becoming cluttered and confusing.