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standard time in the 6th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 90th meridian

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Valentine noted that CDT stands behind the benefits, performance and safety of the Platinum Plus product and this work confirms that any potential risks associated with using the Platinum Plus FBC are extremely low and consistent with that reported in the literature for other platinum-based emission control technologies.
In-house or commercial HPLC assays are the most common CDT assays (n = 19) in the EQUALIS EQA scheme.
This MOU is based upon a working relationship established in October 2003 between CDT Systems, Inc.
CDT ceo Danny Chapchal called the agreement "a formidable deal" for the company.
com/research/c8b87a/the_taiwanese_cdt) has announced the addition of the "The Taiwanese CDT Monitor Industry, 2Q 2008" report to their offering.
The shareholders of CDT also approved the one-for-two reverse stock split of CDT shares and other merger-related proposals.
Because of the high prevalence of chronic alcohol abuse in many countries, CDT plays an important role in the areas of employment, traffic safety, and forensic medicine.
Recent tests were conducted on current model year passenger car diesel engines equipped with DPF systems, by a leading European test laboratory on behalf of CDT and its commercial partners.
Olson, president and CEO, stated, "Industria Tecnica Cavi gives CDT additional coaxial cable capacity and a base in southern Europe to manufacture and sell other CDT products.
Stephen Turner, SCOLR Pharma's Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, "The data from this second ondansetron study provides additional evidence that our CDT formulation technology is capable of producing a 'once daily' sustained release tablet.
This strategic acquisition strengthens our position in the active fiber optic components marketplace and complements our existing fiber optic operations portfolio in Silicon Valley, New England, Canada and Mexico," Paul Olson, President and CEO of CDT commented.
1) compared isoelectric focusing/immunoblotting/ laser densitometry (IEF/IB/LD), Axis %CDT TIA, and Axis %CDT HPLC for the determination of CDT.
Onset is developing CDT for a variety of clinical applications in large surgical and interventional markets.