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CDC led the US campaign to immunize all children against vaccine-preventable infectious diseases; efforts to "link" states in search of foodborne disease outbreak causes by using molecular approaches to trace the causative organisms (PulseNet); efforts to translate science to practice, protecting women and children from such emerging infection-related conditions as toxic shock syndrome and aspirin-associated Reye syndrome.
The CDC data "may not be large enough to restrict an analysis to healthy nonsmokers," says the American Cancer Society's Michael Thun.
It has been documented that cases of herpes zoster are the infectious sources of chickenpox in susceptible persons (Arvin 1996; CDC 2005).
Some chemicals measured in the previous CDC reports raise concern because of recent evidence that low concentrations can cause harm.
In 1998, a CDC whistle-blower revealed that the CDC had misled Congress about the amount of money it had spent on research on chronic fatigue syndrome, angering lawmakers and activists.
ChoicePoint's market leadership in risk assessment information services combined with their ability to bring valuable data to our service offerings made them the best business partner for CDC.
Providers should be aware of CDC recommendations concerning: * workplace violence;
By 1994, Regis reports, "the CDC's main business, the control of infectious diseases, was just one of dozens of jobs that the CDC had taken on, just another of its many and diffuse assignments.
The CDC found this woman's case in April during its search for unusual HIV strains, but only after a Los Angeles County health worker had added the woman mistakenly to a registry of people with AIDS, officials said.
Similar to actions taken in other countries, CDC quarantine officers also began screening incoming passengers for symptoms of SARS, distributing health alerts and advisories regarding SARS, and coordinating with airport personnel in the evaluation of sick passengers.
Since 1985 the CDC has funded scores of firearm studies, all reaching conclusions that favor stricter gun control.
Physicians who diagnose it don't necessarily tell the CDC.