CD8 T cell

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T cell with CD8 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and binds to the infected cell and kill it

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Four weeks after vaccination, CD8 T cells were detected in two volunteers who had received the lower dose vaccine and in seven of those who had received the higher dose.
They found that those who fell more severely ill with flu had fewer CD8 T cells in their blood, and those who caught flu but had no symptoms or only mild symptoms had more of these cells.
The link between CD8 T cell activation and viraemia is not clear.
Naive, effector, and memory CD8 T cells in protection against pulmonary influenza virus infection: homing properties rather than initial frequencies are crucial.
When injected into mice and guinea pigs, dl5-29 survives long enough to infect cells and trigger an immune response that includes antibodies and immune cells called CD8 T cells.
However, the reality is that most infected people make sufficient and even robust antibody and CD8 T cell responses to HIV.
Preliminary assessment of the immunological effects of CYT107 in 8 evaluable patients demonstrates a median increase in CD4 T cells exhibiting a naove or central memory phenotype of 69% over baseline, and a median increase in CD8 T cells exhibiting a naove or effector memory phenotype of 94% over baseline.
In this study, the level of CD38 expression, above which CD8 T cells were defined as activated, was not clearly stated.
Studies in rhesus monkeys have shown that significant and persistent virus-specific T cell responses can be elicited with vaccines incorporating viral genetic sequences and that these responses are primarily mediated by CD8 T cells.
Generation of genome-wide CD8 T cell responses in HLA-A*0201 transgenic mice by an HIV-1 ubiquitin expression library immunization vaccine.
In every participant, the vaccine engendered antibodies against circumsporozoite and whipped up an army of immune system warriors called CD4 and CD8 T cells, says study coauthor Giampietro Corradin, a biochemist at the University of Lausanne in Epalinges, Switzerland.
The study population is defined as men and women, aged 18 years, with a confirmed diagnosis of ICL (CD4 <300 cells/L or <20% of lymphocytes on two occasions) deemed at risk for complications due to concurrent CD8 T cell lymphocytopenia and/or a history of opportunistic or otherwise serious infection, without autoimmunity or hematologic or lymphoid malignancy.
One theory is that HIV-infection drives up Treg, which in turn shuts down the HIV-1- specific CD8 T cell response, he said.
Results of a Phase I/IIa Trial in Lymphopenic HIV-Infected Patients Further Demonstrate the Potential of Interleukin-7 to Induce a Dramatic and Prolonged CD4 and CD8 T Cell Expansion, Which is Sustained for 48 Weeks
4) Subsequently published work by ADARC and collaborators has shown that viremic episodes (due to nonadherence in therapy (5) or a lack of viral suppression while on therapy (6)) were associated with stronger neutralizing antibody responses (5) and HIV-specific CD8 T cell responses (6) among patients treated during acute or early infection, respectively.