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T cell with CD4 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and secretes lymphokines that stimulate B cells and killer T cells

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Comparison of mean CD4+ T cell counts between Ethiopian and Dutch populations showed considerably lower CD4 T cell counts in Ethiopian population (mean=775 cells/[micro]l) as compared to Dutch populations (mean= 993 cells/[micro]l) (58).
Ablation of thymic export causes accelerated decay of naive CD4 T cells in the periphery because of activation by environmental antigen.
The modern ART of HIV infection management: Towards a tailored approach to maximize CD4 T cell reconstitution.
STI duration and design are discrepant: in particular, the triggers for re-initiating therapy (predetermined schedule, viral load rebound, or drop in CD4 T cell count).
TRAx CD4 allows more laboratories to participate in HIV patient monitoring by providing a rapid, simple and cost-effective method of CD4 T cell enumeration," said Duff Brace, President and COO of T Cell Diagnostics.
LAUSANNE, Switzerland -- A study published today online in The Journal of Experimental Medicine has identified the population of CD4 T cells serving as the major reservoir for HIV infected cells and as the primary cell site for HIV replication and production in infected patients.
Biopsy samples obtained from the gut and respiratory mucosa during chronic infection demonstrated profound mucosal CD4 T cell depletion in all SIV-infected animals, at levels similar to those described in the context of HIV infection.
HAART has been observed to both control HIV replication and to maintain or restore a CD4 T cell count above 200 cells/mm3.
3) These data help explain why patients on treatment (particularly those "salvage" patients who are heavily treatment experienced with several drug-resistance mutations), no matter how high the viral load or low the CD4 T cell count, appear to do better clinically than patients who are off treatment.
It was thought that the benefit of PIs was the exclusive purview of those lucky enough to have triple-digit CD4 T cell counts at the moment PIs became available.
Similarly, strong polyclonal CD4 T cell responses specific to HIV were observed both in LTNPs and patients who received combination antiretroviral therapy during acute infection (Science, 278:5342, p.
Adding interleukin 2 (IL-2) to combination antiretroviral therapy boosted CD4 T cell counts 112% in HIV-infected patients, compared with an increase of 18% in similar patients taking combination therapy alone.
If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to any antiretroviral regimen, one other option, depending on your baseline CD4 T cell count and viral load, is to withdraw from therapy altogether until you are ready to commit.
Michael Saag, MD, and colleagues at the University of Alabama at Birmingham reported on a review of viral loads, CD4 T cell counts and clinical outcomes of patients who interrupted therapy.
In the end, researchers concluded that Remune did not have a positive impact on disease progression or death, viral load, body weight or CD4 T cell percentage.