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a glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of helper T cells

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The lack of effect of earlier CD4 staging on treatment initiation rates is hard to explain, but the authors note that after receiving a CD4 test result, patients eligible for antiretroviral treatment were expected to visit the clinic several times for counselling and laboratory tests before they received any medication.
Reference ranges for CD4 counts in different geographic location
Laboratory Guidelines for Enumerating CD4 T Lymphocytes in the Context of HIV/AIDS-2007.
In both men and women, CD4 counts rose as time taking antiretroviral therapy increased.
Crystal structure of the human CD4 N-terminal two-domain fragment complexed to a class II MHC molecule.
Overall, the investigators clearly demonstrate that the lack of an AIDS-like disease in SIV-infected sooty mangabeys is not due to a lack of CD4 T cell depletion in the gut of these animals.
Baker and his associates randomly assigned ART-naive patients to one of three drug regimens and carefully monitored all fatal and nonfatal opportunistic and nonopportunistic events, while tracking patients' CD4 counts.
Health professionals regularly monitor and use CD4 test results to make important treatment decisions in HIV-infected patients, most notably when the disease has progressed to the point where initiation of antiretroviral treatment (ARV) would be beneficial.
T cell: A disease-fighting white blood cell, including CD4 and CD8 cells.
Costs among the sickest patients (those with the lowest CD4 cell counts) come to nearly triple those among individuals whose disease is least advanced.
Thirty months after restarting antimycobacterial therapy, the patient remained well with a total weight gain of 19 kg, complete radiologic resolution of the pulmonary mass, undetectable HIV viral load (<50 copies/mL), and a progressive rise in his CD4 count to 249 x [10.
For 4 weeks, each patient received twice-daily injections of enfuviritide, which inhibits HIV from invading fresh CD4 T cells--the primary cells that HIV commandeers.
This important research from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study (1) looks at patients who responded virologically to antiretrovirals (viral load consistently under 1000 for at least five years) to find the differences between those who had an "incomplete" CD4 response (defined as not reaching a CD4 count of 500), vs.