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Pioneer and other companies used the Axis design to develop such devices as DVD-ROM and CD-ROM servers.
With its new generation of CD-ROM servers, HP is taking a leadership position in defining the NAS market and offering exceptional value for firms that want to streamline their information access and delivery systems.
Assuming that you manage to get new CD-ROM servers and new drives, there is yet another barrier to effective resource utilization.
In the Tompkins-Cortland Community College library, the two workstations networked to the remote CD-ROM server most often serve up Periodical Abstracts to users who cannot get to the stand-alone Periodical Abstracts station.
According to REXAS, its Super CD-ROM Server system provides the solution to CD-ROM drive limitations that presently exist under Windows NT environments.
According to the company, this fully contained and compact direct-network-connect CD-ROM server unshackles CD-ROM drives from conventional file servers, making the discs directly accessible to other computers on the network.
The InformationWeek review and findings are very significant for Procom and for potential CD-ROM server users," said Page Tagizad, Procom's director of product management.
According to Ten X, new technology, in the form of system firmware improvements and additional configurations, brings speed enhancements and some major price reductions across the expansive TenXpert CD-ROM server product line.
NASDAQ:PRCM) Tuesday announced that its innovative E4 server now supports Macintosh(a) OS-based systems, providing a single CD-ROM server solution for the broadest range of heterogeneous workstations.
OAI) has announced the addition of Netserve/CD and Maxtet/CD 12x CD-ROM drives to its family of CD-ROM server systems.
com) to help network administrators and resellers plan, configure, and price a CD-ROM server or jukebox solution that is customized for their network.
HP SureStore CD-ROM Server $2,750 HP SureStore CD-/DVD-ROM Server 3,495 HP SureStore CD-ROM Server Plus 4,300 HP SureStore CD Expansion Tower 2,350
Since the CD-ROM server is hosted on a UNIX OS, all CDs can be exported as NFS partitions.
The agreement increases the sales channel for Meridian CD-ROM Server products aimed specifically at the legal community where professionals require shared and easy access to extensive law libraries and legal resource materials.
It is the only CD-ROM server in the market that can take advantage of HTML-formatted CD-ROM discs, according to Compact Devices.