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For a fraction of the cost of an expensive enterprise hardware-based CD-ROM server, private users can create their own virtual CD-ROM Pro-server system which simultaneously accesses up to 20+ CDs.
In essence, as long as the device is designed for storage (and not just data retrieval, as networked CD-ROM servers do), then the device is performing Network Attached Storage.
The contract runs for two years beginning April 1, 1999, through December 31, 2000, and covers Freedom's entire product line of notebook computers, workstations, CD-ROM servers and enterprise servers
HP SureStore CD-ROM Server -- This entry-level product allows users to share between one and seven CD-ROMs, with room for expansion.
OAI provides a complete line of CD-ROM server hardware and software products for workgroup, departmental, and enterprise-wide storage solutions.
The reason for this is that the cluster-jukebox has fewer readers than the traditional CD-ROM server and is able to balance the workload of the robotics by providing a high degree of redundancy compared to the one robotic deployed in a traditional jukebox.
The Netserve/CD server is a self contained direct network connect CD-ROM server that yields performance parallel with Ethernet networks.
The agreement increases the sales channel for Meridian CD-ROM Server products aimed specifically at the legal community where professionals require shared and easy access to extensive law libraries and legal resource materials.
New CD-ROM Server Offers Customers Best Cost/Performance Solution Available
The system allows peer-to- peer communication between the client and the CD-ROM server, which keeps the network traffic to a minimum, giving users direct, fast and familiar access to all CDs.
Austin, Texas, today announced the immediate availability of TenXpert(tm) Network CD-ROM Server support for Plasmon IDE Inc.
100BaseT support for its CD-ROM server tower module.
Under the terms of the agreement, MediaPath will develop, market and sell Stac's CD-ROM server software solution CD-QuickShare, effective immediately.
The HP CD-ROM server, based on thin-server technology, operates independently of the file server, ensuring that users have fast and easy access to data, even if the file server is unavailable.
The Netserve/CD server is a self contained "direct network connect" CD-ROM server that yields performance parallel with Ethernet networks.