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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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0 or later, 6MB application RAM, 13MB hard disk space available, CD-ROM drive
Ideally however, the CD-ROM represents a stand-alone product which relieves the SAO of the burden of additional briefing other than answering student questions.
CD-ROMs and clip art with an African American perspective
The CD-ROM (requiring 8 MB of disk space for installation) has used 450 MB to record all the manuscripts, leaving 200 MB free onto which the hoped-for iconographic index might eventually be placed.
Speaking of comedy, you don't have to be alive to take part in the CD-ROM logjam.
To facilitate review, the CD-ROM software usually has a method of listing search results.
Currently, several companies are producing a variety of CD-ROM databases.
The CD-ROM is divided into various humor categories: "Analogies and Metaphors," "Toasts and Roasts," "Cartoons" and "Personal Anecdotes.
Part I of this article focuses on tips, tricks and traps in using CD-ROM databases; it is not acceptable to merely know how to search a database--a researcher must also develop the expertise to avoid pitfalls and establish techniques to ensure that the right answer is obtained in the least amount of time.
The international multimedia market has virtually exploded in the past two years as CD-ROM -- with its enormous capacity for information, presentation and creativity -- has become widely accepted," Mr.
A single CD-ROM disk can hold more than 650 MBs of information.
Once the user inserts the "BestPreviews" disc into their CD-ROM drive, the registration screen offers the viewer a chance to win $10,000 instantly.
CCH, RIA, Matthew Bender) now have CD-ROM products.
According to industry estimates, there are between 4 and 5 million CD-ROM drives installed today, with annual growth rates estimated at 80 percent or more over the next several years.
Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN), the leading provider of video, multimedia and software copy protection as well as electronic rights management technologies, announced today the September release of its next-generation SafeDisc(R) PC CD-ROM copy protection solution.