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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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The product is the first portable mini CD-R burner and digital audio player to support Windows XP, according to Imation.
A kiosk or vending machine with a high-speed CD-R burner, drawing upon source material from optical or magnetic media inside (or possibly from a remote database over a datacom line), would take only a few minutes to produce a salable product and collect the fee.
The operation uncovered a large-scale distribution facility for counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs and resulted in the seizure of approximately 129,000 unauthorized CD-Rs, more than 278,000 CD-R blanks and jewel trays along with 88 CD-R burners.
mini CD-R burner and digital audio player provides users with an exciting, all-in-one experience for playing and burning digital music," says Jane Payfer, Product Manager, Imation's Personal Storage Solutions Business.
TM) mini CD-R burner and digital audio player, for the consumer, or high-capacity tape cartridges, such as Imation Black Watch(TM) Digital Linear Tape IV cartridges, for the midrange network user, Imation is committed to deliver high-quality technologies that