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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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The format's high capacity and data transfer rate has the potential to expand existing CD-R applications in two dimensions: faster information flow (i.
Here is how I approached the cartridge test with a CD-R on hand:
6, newly released in May 2003, offers protection for both CD-ROMs and HexaLock CD-RX, a special copy protectable CD-R.
Rimage has a long, successful history of working with Mitsui's CD-R media, and it has been a pleasure to work with them to solve this limitation for DVD-Rs," said David Suden, chief technology officer for Rimage.
DVD-R's relatively low cost per megabyte, coupled with its physical storage efficiency -- approximately six times the capacity of CD-ROM -- and the portability of its recording equipment makes the medium applicable to a large variety of uses in virtually all industries in three key applications areas: testing and development of DVD masters before they are sent out for mass duplication, small-scale distribution of DVD content and archival data storage similar to CD-R.
This is a cornerstone product that will make DVD-R technology as ubiquitous as CD-R.
CD-R Compact Disc Recordable Desktop Publishing Discs - a write once version of graphic file storage and a CD-ROM - an optical disk transportation.
Toast joins Adaptec's successful family of Windows-based CD-R software products CD-Creator and Easy CD-Pro.