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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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The format's high capacity and data transfer rate has the potential to expand existing CD-R applications in two dimensions: faster information flow (i.
Some of the sites initial offerings include Digital Audio CD-R for Consumers, Mitsui Xtra Files 10-pack box, Mitsui 3.
We designed Blaster CD-R to make recording technology accessible to everyone interested in making their own CDs," said Craig McHugh, vice president and general manager at Creative Labs, Inc.
5" diskette manufacturers, North America's leading software duplicator and a global provider of software manufacturing and distribution services announced today that it will introduce at CD-ROM Expo '94, Boston, MA, October 5-7, its new, faster 4X CD-R recordable discs used in new generation, high-speed compact disc recorders.
The International Recording Media Association forecasts that the replication of CD-R discs will exceed 1.
Rimage has a long, successful history of working with Mitsui's CD-R media, and it has been a pleasure to work with them to solve this limitation for DVD-Rs," said David Suden, chief technology officer for Rimage.
DVD-R's relatively low cost per megabyte, coupled with its physical storage efficiency -- approximately six times the capacity of CD-ROM -- and the portability of its recording equipment makes the medium applicable to a large variety of uses in virtually all industries in three key applications areas: testing and development of DVD masters before they are sent out for mass duplication, small-scale distribution of DVD content and archival data storage similar to CD-R.
This is a cornerstone product that will make DVD-R technology as ubiquitous as CD-R.