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recording equipment for making compact disks

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Most computers now include a CD burner and the software needed to burn disks.
If you're just creating data and music, a CD burner is enough.
There is virtually no reason, any more, not to have at least a CD burner in addition to, or in lieu of, a normal CD Rom drive.
This external CD burner is perfect for anyone who needs files copied in a hurry.
With the proliferation of the CD burner, music labels and software publishers find unauthorized copying is eroding their businesses.
It's perfect if you need to bring some files to a friend but you don't have a diskette or a CD burner - save it on the camera's storage media.
Sure, it works and it's reliable, but it's very basic and nothing like the Adaptec (now Roxio) package that came with the CD burner.
When I finally got the Christmas lists from my children last year, I was surprised that my then 12-year-old daughter had included a CD burner among her wished-for items.
Their first CD burner cost about $5,000 but a burner can now be purchased for a few hundred dollars making the technology accessible to all.
According to Cole, putting the MP3 and AAC encoding technology into a CD burner would allow consumers to store 10 hr of music on a single disk.
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Many present-day computers come with a CD burner built in, which provides an even more convenient way to burn CDs.
Investigators found around 20,000 finished discs at Holytown and a further 20,000 blanks and 14 CD burner machines were making copies.
40GHz, 128MB of memory, 20GB hard drive and free upgrades to CD burner and 17-inch (15.
The technologies used by the Dell security staff include an optical document scanner, a removable-media disk drive, a CD burner, and a disk mirroring technique -- all of which can enhance the performance of any security department.