coronary care unit

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a hospital unit specially staffed and equipped to treat patients with serious cardiac problems

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Fukushima Bank understands that enterprise mobility solutions require frequent updates to continuously improve their effectiveness," states Hiroki Aoyama, President and CEO at CCU.
CCU, Cardiology ward, OPD department, Echo/ ETT lab, and nuclear angiography lab are interconnected by computer networking to the integrated hospital management information system (HMIS) of PIMS.
Watcher CCU combines Identec's i-Q350 active RFID tags and Identec's TrailBlazer server and business logic software to create an end-to-end logistics solution that provides real-time visibility over all tagged assets.
Twenty-three of 44 smokers not referred for ongoing smoking cessation support were in CCU less than 24 hours.
CosmoCom now permits users to connect into the CCU via their wireless devices.
CCU was a strategic asset for foreign brewers like A-B and Heineken, since it holds 90 percent of the domestic Chilean market.
In many instances, doctors send patients with chest pain to the CCU even if they did not have a heart attack because there is nowhere else to monitor them carefully, Buda said.
This press release contains forward-looking statements based on current CCU management expectations.
A-B paid an estimated $224 million for its stake in CCU in January 2001.
Hospitals that are compliant with the Leapfrog standard for CCU physicians staff their CCUs with intensivists who are present during daytime hours and provide care exclusively for CCU patients.
CCU's rating are constrained by its operations in Argentina through its subsidiary CCU Argentina, given the high political and economic risk associated with operating in this country.
CCU is the largest bottler and distributor of mineral water in Chile with a market share of 67% and the second bottler of soft drinks with a 24% market share.
Moreover, CCU is a major player in the outdoor advertising business.
The Notes and the related guarantees will be secured by (1) a lien on (a) the capital stock of CCU and (b) certain property and related assets that do not constitute "principal property" (as defined in the indenture governing certain existing senior notes of CCU), in each case equal in priority to the liens securing the obligations under CCU's senior secured credit facilities and existing priority guarantee notes and (2) a lien on the accounts receivable and related assets securing CCU's receivables based credit facility junior in priority to the lien securing CCU's obligations thereunder.