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a unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system

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attorney (AUSA) handles only cases generated by the CCS.
Data on potential market for CCS retrofit and new capacity (GW and $ billions) for key countries: the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Poland, Australia, China and Japan.
CCS is the specialized telecommunications support businesses arm of a major telecommunications group in China.
Reasons to buy - Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for the global CCS market; - Develop strategies based on the potential revenue in global CCS market; - Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage in the CCS market's growth potential;
Hundreds of organizations around the world rely on the CCS methodology to define and execute their sales processes," said Razi Imam, president and CEO of SalesGene.
I think it was a very successful test for Fiserv CCS and we are pleased that Fiserv CCS continues to rely on Oracle 10g for their enterprise database technology.
The guided selling capabilities and collaboration features of Landslide make the application a natural fit for organizations adopting the process-based selling tactics of CCS," said John Holland, co-founder, CustomerCentric Systems.
The last three (3) years have been a very exciting period for CCS," said Joseph Capper, CEO of CCS Medical, Inc.
CCC's customers can send mobile electronic system claims to CCS via CCC Autoverse(R) Claim Management - CCC's convenient, centralized web solution designed to dispatch, receive, review and conclude the process of a claim.
Ben Jamil, the Company's president and chief executive officer, had advanced to CCS the sum of $738,644.
CCS President Kimberly O'Donnell commented: "Becoming a part of the MBSL Group provides CCS with a capital structure that will allow us to grow rapidly.
As IBM's only West Coast Based, Premier Level Business Partner, CCS advises clients on resource management of their people, processes and systems, employing a unique combination of technology consulting, staff augmentation and training services.
CCS Medical signed the letter of intent on June 7, 2004, the purchase agreement June 22, 2004, and closed the transaction June 30, 2004.
CCS Medical, a KRG Capital Partners portfolio company, and its management remain committed to healthcare services and home delivery as an integral component of the healthcare continuum.
The MPLS patient base, growth strategy and operations are very similar to CCS Medical's," said Mark King, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KRG Capital.