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A review of beneficial CCR use coinciding with the EPA rulemaking process reconfirmed what Adams notes has been learned through decades: "Coal ash use is safe and should be encouraged.
CCR was not required to include those assets into its advisory accounts in federal filings.
This paper sets out to determine if partial least-squares regression (PLSR) can be used to predict CCR from MIR spectra, using subsoil samples free of organic matter.
First, we must pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother to intervene for CCR groups that are conducting themselves individually or collectively in a manner that is not Catholic teaching friendly.
Environmental permitting will run concurrently with Chevron's evaluation process to ensure all information is in place when Chevron decides whether or not to move forward with the CCR and the other projects.
As a result, new circuit proving can now be undertaken safely, rectified if necessary, and the circuits re-tested, prior to being re-connected to the CCR in the substation.
The purpose of the CCR is to allow one physician to electronically send to another physician a minimum amount of information regarding a patient who is being referred.
The goal of a CCR interview is to learn about the client's purchasing process and internal influences, not whether your firm's service has or hasn't pleased the client.
In this case, CCR is offering three issues and Business Week has stretched the offer to include eight issues in the trial.
CCR is a regional provider of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search and retrieval services.
WKNA Nancy Mckinscry said the deal "allows LIS to expand its position in Texas, where CCR has a strong presence and where UCC volume is the second highest in the country.
CCR UK, part of the Munich-based CCR Logistics Systems Group, is looking for companies to work with businesses over new European environmental legislation by recycling their industrial and commercial waste.
Says Rea, "2000 promises to be an exciting and important year for CCR as we work to make our new strategic framework operational.
German group CCR Logistics Systems has opened its UK headquarters in Leamington Spa.
So while the GOP's main convention went on, Larkin and about 140 other members of the CCR held their own shindig across the street.