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separation of substances in solution by means of their unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes

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Yvette Baker, CCPD Reserve Credentialing Department head, said the LSS process served to identify specific areas where existing methodology could improve.
Increasing the number of exchanges per day for patients treated with CAPD or per night for patients treated with CCPD or NIPD.
Nocturnal intermittent peritoneal dialysis (NIPD) is like CCPD, only the number of exchanges overnight is greater (six or more), and the patient does not perform an exchange during the day.
IPD uses the same type of machine as CCPD to add and drain the dialysate.
Catherine Mulholland, Ecumenical Reflections on Political Economy, Geneva, 1988, and CCPD ed.
However, with CCPD, you need a machine to drain and refill your abdomen.
In this study I used administrative data on more than 73,000 ESRD Medicare patients, who are treated in a freestanding facility with at least one patient receiving CAPD, CCPD, or home hemodialysis.
The presentation will explore how various law enforcement customers, such as the CCPD, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, and others have used the Attensity's LEADS solution to analyze the unstructured information stored in police reports, FBI reports, interaction logs, legal or case documents, and public information.
Treatment included: discontinuation of patient's warfarin and calcium carbonate, intravenous (IV) sodium thiosulphate 25 mg thrice weekly, IV pamidronate 30 mg every two weeks, and dual-modality dialysis therapy of home CCPD daily and in-centre hemodialysis (HD) thrice weekly.
All codes in these States indicating PD, CAPD, or CCPD were deemed to be associated with home dialysis site of service.
What is CCPD (Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis)?
Specifically, the CCPD uses the application to mine critical case data previously hidden in tens of thousands of case files going back several years.
For example, CAPD and CCPD do not require patients to visit a dialysis center three times per week, thus providing more freedom.
Duration of Home Hemodialysis, CAPD, CCPD, and Diabetes, and History of Alternative Treatment Modality.
Attensity LEADS, recently licensed by CCPD, enables their agents to access, analyze and organize data from freeform text -- unstructured information stored in police reports, FBI reports, interaction logs, legal or case documents, and public information -- to identify, investigate and impede criminal activity.