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Synonyms for certification

the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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CCP is responsible for developing popular science fiction games Eve Online and Eve: Valkyrie, with the Newcastle studio working exclusively on the latter.
The RF and anti CCP antibodies as tools for RA diagnosis have been evaluated by a number of studies and it was found that anti CCP antibodies have higher specificity as compared to RF for RA diagnosis14.
The next CCP Audit will be conducted in the fall of 2014.
Liu insists that we begin from an evidential basis and ask whether or not the CCP took up Leninist-Stalinist paradigms of "the national question," rather than assuming that these paradigms were taken up by the CCP.
Chapters 1, 2, and 3 depict the context in which the CCP is operating.
REAL Women of Canada has been tracking which organizations are funded by CCP Besides EGALE, they include Planned Parenthood, Lesbian and Gay Immigration Task Force, Pro-Choice Action Network and Pride Care Society.
Journal staff writer Solange De Santis and former staff writer Jane Davidson shared a CCP honourable mention for treatment of a news event for their stories on the residential schools agreement.
For 20 years, CCP produced our newly syndicated show's predecessor, the Minor it/Business Report.
Key findings of the survey relate to the subsequent college experiences of CCP graduates.
In a meeting Tuesday last week with Takako Doi, leader of the Japanese opposition Social Democratic Party, Jiang said that if all the managers of private businesses become members of parties other than the CCP, such as the China Democratic League, the CCP will be ''stripped of cash,'' said the source who was present at the talks.
As of 1995, 57% of all CCP landfills had liners to protect ground-water, and 75% of new units were lined.
CCP said this acquisition will bring additional products to CCP's product line and further strengthen their position to support their valued customers.
Village cooperatives not only served as grassroots bases through which the CCP listed directives to the people but were also promoted as a means of developing community self-help and economic self-sufficiency, and village democracy.
0 or greater for calendar year 1996, the CCP may apply to you.