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a gastrointestinal hormone that stimulates the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and the contraction and emptying of the gall bladder

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HCG has partnered with CCK to fulfill the need of high end technology and best of expertise which was lacking in the region.
The second-generation CCK prosthesis (LCCK, NexGen [sup][R], USA) is developed as a modular, non-hinged, and semi-constrained implant.
From the point of view of body weight regulation, CCK may play more of an indirect role in its interaction with signals of longer-term energy balance, such as lepton.
AirXLiner CCK has a greater heat resistance for faster, more cost-efficient production and application of a laminate.
DAV Washington Executive Director Garry Augustine noted, "The students were mentored by CCK lawyer Zachary Stolz, who received his training from DAV.
Analysis of GIH in jugular serum and soluble protein concentration in gastrointestinal fluids: The serum levels of ghrelin, CCK, and secretin were determined by enzyme immunoassay: ghrelin (EK-031-30), secretin (EK-067-05), and CCK-8 (EK-069-04) (Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, USA) using a secondary antibody-coated plate.
10) Another misconception involves the idea that the reproduction of patient symptoms with CCK injection is another predictor of success with cholecystectomy.
CRISIL's rating on Petronet CCK Ltd's (PCCKL's) bank facilities continues to reflect the strong operational and financial support PCCKL receives from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL; rated 'AAA/FAAA/Negative/P1+' by CRISIL) and strong market position derived from being a favoured mode for transportation of petroleum products.
The Commission wishes to call on the media, especially the FM stations, to exe rcise responsibility and avoid causing fear among Kenyans,'' the CCK chief said in a statement.
Retd) Inamullah Khan who welcomed the old Kohatians in their reunion and stated that the CCK had contributed much in the formation of a number of lives of young boys.
The research findings provide preliminary evidence of reliability, validity, and user satisfaction for the CCK Online.
India-based Aurionpro and Australia-based CCK Financial have developed the Guava Integrated Treasury Solution for the finance industry in the Middle East.
If you eat a little fat 20 minutes before your meal (70 calories or of fat in the form SO of 6 walnuts, 12 almonds, or 20 peanuts), you'll stimulate production of CCK, which will both communicate with your brain and slow your stomach from emptying to keep you feeling full.
The government and the CCK expect services offered by the selected company to drive down the cost of both mobile and fixed line services.